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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual and intangible currency. That is, it cannot be touched in any of  its forms as it happens with coins or banknotes, but it can be used as a means of payment in the same way as coins or banknotes.


TapWebsite that will give us a certain amount of shatosis every certain period of time.
Satoshi1 satoshi is equal to: 0.00000001 BTC (See below for a table).
WeatherThe time we will have to wait to reapply again for earnings.
EarningsThe winnings that we will be able to earn on the corresponding Tap with each claim.
MinimumSome Taps will send you winnings when you reach a certain set limit.
ClaimEvery time we enter a Faucet we will claim satoshis.
PurseOur earnings will go to our Wallet either directly or by going through an intermediary such as FaucetBox first.
FaucetBoxIt is a temporary “Purse” that groups all those earnings obtained in the Taps. FaucetBox will send us everything in a single transaction.
MicroWalletThis is another site that does the same thing as FaucetBox.
🆓You will earn 25% more if you use a verified e-mail address on XAPO to claim your winnings on these taps.
👍The condition of this faucet is correct.
🔋This faucet is out of funds, it’s a matter of hours before they add more to keep getting satoshis

What is a Griffin?

Faucets are sites that make ‘micro-payments’ to those who visit these sites from time to time, receiving a small incentive in Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

What is Faucetbox?

FaucetBox is an accumulator or call it also a temporary intermediary of bitcoins used by most faucets to pay users.

There is no need to create an account on FaucetBox, once you enter your wallet address on any faucet, it will be available on FaucetBox.

The advantage lies in the fact that the satoshis of all those faucets from which we are requesting earnings are accumulated so that when the limit we set in FaucetBox is reached, a transfer is made to our wallet.

To visualize the accumulated balance and how much is left to make the automatic payment of the accumulated satoshis, just enter and put the bitcoin address you are using for the earnings in the corresponding Taps. From there we will be able to see in detail and instantly the winnings obtained in the different taps and several graphical and statistical data.

This is why we must bear in mind that if we use several different identifiers in the different Faucets, what we will be doing is diversifying our earnings in FaucetBox.

An address for our account is composed of several numbers and letters: 33MtzzoVTACuGkdnkv4CFD15RTLLDEDmuv

How to use XAPO?

XAPO users will be able to claim their winnings instantly to their wallet in all those Faucets that have XAPO integrated.

To do so, all we have to do is request the earnings by adding an e-mail address associated with XAPO, which will be our identifier.

That is to say, instead of putting an identifier of our account type: 33MtzzoVTACuGkdnkv4CFD15RTLLDEDmuv we will put the e-mail.

By adding the e-mail address we will be able to have the earnings go directly to our XAPO wallet without going through FaucetBox. If on the contrary we put our identifier of numbers and letters those earnings will go to FauceBox or “X”, and from there to our personal wallet.